Hadrah Alaydrus (NEW!)

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Hadrah Alaydrus. (Arabic text with English translation)


69 pages

The word “Hadrah” is used by the people of Tasawwuf to refer to gatherings of remembrance (dhikr). The term in Arabic literally means “presence”, finding its roots in the Arabic word “hadara”. Its purpose is to present the heart to Allah SWT in dhikr, urify the soul, increase love for Allah SWT and His Messenger , also to pray to Him and to ask from Him our needs in this world and hereafter. Hadrah Alaydrus was written by a prominent scholar from the city of Tarim and Aden, Hadramaut, Yemen. He is from the descendants of the Prophet ﷺ from the lineage of Sayyidina Husein.

In Tarim, it is read on every Monday night.

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